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Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material.  Recent advances in polishing equipment and techniques allow our company to grind concrete floor surfaces, whether old or new, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. The superior durability and performance of concrete has led to the trend in retail, warehouse, and office buildings to choose polished concrete flooring as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or coated concrete.  It is considered a good sustainable design flooring option because it makes use of the materials already present.

Being a multistep process, this allows a choice of what level of sheen you like, from satin to high-gloss.  These choices can be made to meet your maintenance and aesthetic requirements. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications.

Polished concrete is also ideal for any environment seeking a floor that requires a green and healthy building.  It is durable enough for forklift traffic, manufacturing and even aircraft hangars.  It is dust free, and also provides a beautiful and reflective finish.


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