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Removal of Existing Floor Coatings

We provide a variety of systems flooring adhesive removal projects and are equipped for whatever your project requires. Some tile adhesive is very difficult to remove from concrete. We can provide the flooring removal or just the following mastic types down to the bare concrete without harsh chemicals so you can have the floor you want!


Cutback Adhesive Removal

Older buildings have an asphaltic substance that is best removed by wet grinding, which avoids heavy fumes and toxic clean up-s.  By using our diamond grind process, we will remove all adhesive allowing existing concrete to breathe.


Mastic Removal

Removal of Cutback Adhesive, Black Mastic, Tan Mastic removal down to bare concrete


Carpet Adhesive Removal

removal of complete floor adhesive cleaning down to bare concrete


Tile Adhesive Removal

Removal of all vinyl adhesives, ghosting could occur.


Epoxy Removal

Removal of epoxy, floor paint, or other floor coating systems, making it ready to recoat the concrete or polish, giving it a finishing touch.


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