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Waterproofing of building walls, site walls, floors, exterior planters, basements. Keeping a building watertight is critical to the preservation of any structure. Water is, after all, the single most damaging element to a building facility. In many cases, facility managers and building owners are faced with water problems that plague a structure from initial construction. As time goes on, these problems become even more severe. Give us the opportunity to solve these problems for you, and to provide a maintenance plan for the future so you can avoid costly repairs and upset tenants.  We waterproof building walls, site walls, floors, exterior planters, basements just to name a few.


There are vast numbers of waterproofing methods. Each tends to be well-suited to some applications and has drawbacks that make it a poor choice for other applications. The application or the purpose of your waterproofing, including the materials you’re attempting to waterproof, generally dictate the best methods. Each method creates a water barrier, only in different ways.


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